Columbia University

Global Travel

Expenses and Receipts

Keeping a Log of Expenses

While traveling on Columbia business, it might be helpful to keep a log of expenses so that the information (either for reconciling an advance or requesting reimbursement) is collected as the expenses are incurred. This will make it easier for the traveler to ensure not only that all receipts are collected, but that the business purpose for each is also registered.

Even though it will not be submitted until the traveler returns to the U.S., the Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement (TBER) Form can be a helpful tool to log expenses while traveling.

Using Per Diem

Refer to your Department to determine if there are specific guidelines on use of per diems. At a minimum, the use of Per Diem should be documented with a spreadsheet that clearly shows the calculations that lead to the claimed amount together with a reference to the source of the estimated allocations for the particular location. For additional information on how the use of per diems should be documented, please refer to the Prepare Your TBER section.

Other Receipts and Documentation

Refer to the Documentation page of the Finance Gateway Global Support Essential Element of the Managing Financial Needs section for additional details on collecting receipts and other items needed for documenting expenses.

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