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Available to travel administrators designated and authorized by Risk Management

ISOS TravelTracker is a tool for administrators throughout the University to monitor international travelers within their purview.

Mobile Check-in

In addition to registering their travel itineraries and lodging information, travelers that download the ISOS Assistance App are now able to report coordinates of their current location to TravelTracker Administrators with the touch of a button within the App on their mobile phones (through Wi-Fi or cellular connections). This can be particularly helpful for travelers going to remote or high risk locations. Travel coordinators may establish a protocol by asking the travelers to use Mobile Check-in at specific times of the day or milestones (arrival at hotel, arrival at a remote site, ad hoc excursions, etc.) within their itineraries.

See additional details within the following two guides:

Mobile Check-in Guide for TravelTracker Administrators

International SOS App - Login and Mobile Check-in - Instructions for travelers

Become a Designated TravelTracker Administrator

To be designated as a TravelTracker administrative user, please ask the Senior Business Officer for your office to send a request to

Include the following in the request:

  • Name and Title for the new designated administrator
  • UNI (your UNI-based email address will be used as the login username unless you request otherwise)
  • The specific segment of travelers that this administrator will oversee, as defined through the following three categories:

A. Traveler Type:

Approved Guest (includes Alumni): These are guests of the University, who are not registered students or employed but are traveling on Columbia Travel and have been approved in advanced in writing by Risk Management.

Employee (Administration/Libraries/Support Staff)

Faculty (Officer of Instruction)

Graduate or Professional Student

High School Student - Travelers with Summer Programs at the School of Professional Studies

Researcher (Officer of Research or Postdoc)

Undergraduate Student

B. Columbia School/Unit where registered or employed  (click to see list - last updated on 05/24/16)

C. Institute/Center/Office coordinating travel  (click to see list - last updated 02/15/17)

For each of these three segment categories, the administrator should limit their access to one or some of the choices if they are not responsible for monitoring any of the others; otherwise, they should indicate that they need access to all choices under that category.

Please note that there is a mobile version of this system, click here for instructions on how to install it on your mobile device.

A link to this and other ISOS web-based resources can be found on the Columbia University ISOS Global Assistance Page.

Go to the Finance Gateway page regarding Columbia ISOS services for additional information.

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact or call (US: +1 646-259-0477; France: +33 157324976; UK: +44 20 35644536; Singapore: +65-68185590).

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