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Connecting to Columbia

Connecting to Columbia

Members of the Columbia community can connect to the CU network from off campus using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Refer to the CUIT VPN page for additional information and instructions on how to establish a VPN connection on your laptop before travel.

Email Access

If you have an internet connection, you can access your CU email through multiple methods. Go to the CUIT Email Services page for additional information.

You can also use a desktop client or handheld device to access your email, just as you would if you were on campus. However, these options may incur unexpected mobile connection or service fees when used internationally.

See the Smart Phones and Tablets page for more details.

Important Security Note

If you configure any mobile device to access your email, it is important to require a password or other security test prior to granting access. A phone should be configured to require a passcode or pattern if it has been off for more than 10 minutes.