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Global Travel

Submit Health Insurance Claims

Travelers that required medical care while traveling internationally may have incurred expenses that are reimbursable through their Health Insurance plans.


Students that required assistance from ISOS to advance payments for medical expenses are expected to follow-up with their insurance providers to secure reimbursement and pay back any balances due to the Office of the Treasurer, Insurance and Risk Management. That office can be reached by emailing

Students at the Morningside campus, visit the Columbia Health page on the Columbia Insurance Plan and students at CUMC, visit the Student Health Services page on Navigating Aetna to learn more about coverage.

Faculty and Employees

Faculty and employees do not need to submit a claim if they visit a healthcare professional that already has a direct billing arrangement or has obtained a Guarantee of Payment from Cigna.  In these scenarios, the provider will file the claim directly with Cigna – reducing the need for employees to submit any paperwork or pay in full upfront.

In the event that direct payment is not made at point of service, customers can also fax, mail/courier, or email their claims to Cigna. Online submission is the quickest and most convenient way to request claim reimbursement. All registered users of Cigna Envoy are able to submit claims through the website using an easy to follow process. Once a claim is submitted online, they can view their submission for three years, with access to the actual claim attachments for up to 90 days.

Click here for instructions and additional details regarding the Cigna Envoy portal, or follow these steps:

How to login:

2) On the green "I AM A CUSTOMER" box, select "I am an international business traveler";
3) Log on using the following: User ID: 02202DMBA Password: Cigna1

Mail Delivery:                  

Cigna Global Health Benefits
P.O. Box 15111                      
Wilmington, Delaware
USA 19850-5111

Courier Delivery:

Cigna Global Health Benefits
300 Bellevue Parkway
Wilmington, Delaware
USA 19850-5111
What types of payment options are available?

Employees can receive payment via check, ePayment Plus®, direct deposit, and EFT to U.S. bank accounts. Wire transfer is another option, but is suggested only for large claims since there are lifting fees typically associated with the transfer, which would become the employee’s responsibility to pay. Payment options are listed on the MBA (Medical Benefits Abroad) claim form.

Cigna Contact Numbers:

Toll-Free telephone number: 1-800-243-1348
Toll-free TDD telephone number for the hearing impaired: 1-800-558-3604
Direct telephone number (Collect calls accepted): 001-302-797-3535
Toll-free facsimile number: 1-800-243-6998
Direct facsimile number: 001-302-797-3150

For general employee's medical benefit questions, please contact the Benefits Service Center at or 212-851-7000.

If you have any other questions, please email us at