ISOS MyTrips

ISOS MyTrips

If you are new to MyTrips, click on the Log In button above; select "New User? Register here" on the following page. 

Before departing on international Columbia Travel, register your trip details using ISOS MyTrips. It is important that you enter as much detail regarding your trip (all flight segments, lodging, ground transportation, or other local transportation) as possible and revise any information as necessary.

Registration on MyTrips involves two processes;

  • Creating a MyTrips Profile (or updating an existing one) and then, Create a New Trip.

    • First, click on the above 'Log in' button and selected "New User? Register here" to create your MyTrips Profile . Use your email address (the long version; including "cumc" or "gsb" etc., as in "[email protected] or "[email protected]" when appropriate) as the "Username" (unless the traveler is an Approved Guest without a Columbia email address, in that case follow the instructions provided by the school/department coordinating your trip).
    • Users can download instructions on how to Create a Profile and Create a New Trip.
  • Registering your trip. 

    There are two options for trip registration:

After creating or updating your MyTrips profile, and using the SAME email address that serves as your MyTrips Username, forward your itinerary confirmation email (without any editing), that you receive from the airline, hotel or travel booking site to[email protected]

After creating or updating the MyTrips Profile, sign back into MyTrips and select “Create New Trip".

ISOS MyTrips
  • Enter trip details
    • The name to be used for “Trip Name/Reservation ID” could be provided by the travel coordinator and used to standardize for the department/unit
    • The "Trip Name/Reservation ID"; "Flight" or "Accommodation" are required fields to be able to save a trip.


  • If you don’t enter Flight information or Accommodation details, your trip will not be registered;
  • Flights: Type first letter and an Airline or Airport list will pop-up: pick the correct one;
  • Flights: Departure/Arrival Times: click on hours and then minutes and pick the correct one;
  • Accommodation: Start typing address and a pop-up window will try searching for geocode match, pick one;
  • Pay attention to the red asterisks; they mark all required data that you may have missed;
  • When done, always remember to click "Save" and remember to update this information if your travel plans change during your trip.
Create New Trip

Once registered, a traveler will receive a Pre-Trip Advisory email and Automatic Pushed Alerts from ISOS regarding their destination(s). 

  • Pre-Trip Advisory - Travelers that register a trip and include flight information can expect to receive a Pre-Trip Advisory email from ISOS with information and links relevant to each of their destination countries. It is important that they review these carefully and comply with any directives that might be embedded within the PTA email message.
  • Automatic Pushed Alerts - Travelers that register a trip and include flight information (it is crucial to enter complete flight itineraries, including return trips), will now automatically receive real-time Alert emails directly from ISOS regarding destination countries. These will stop when the registered trip concludes.

Travelers can also download the International SOS Assistance App on their smartphone. 

The assistance app is available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows phone, and Android smartphones. To download, visit the from your smartphone's browser or search 'International SOS' in your phone's app store. When you first open the app, you'll be asked to enter the Columbia Membership ID: 11BSGC000064 or you may register your CU email address for validation. Please refer to the ISOS Assistance App Support site for further information on how to download and use the app. 

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact [email protected]; or call ISOS (US: +1 646-259-0477; France: +33 157324976; UK: +44 20 35644536; Singapore: +65-68185590).