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Travel Emergency Assistance Services (ISOS)

International SOS (ISOS)

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Columbia University's agreement with ISOS provides for a number of services. These include emergency medical, security and general travel assistance. Review additional detailed information through the ISOS Membership E-Guide.

Most members of the university community going internationally on Columbia Travel are covered under International SOS (ISOS) and/or other emergency assistance program.

If you need a plastic ISOS wallet card, please send an email with your mailing address to

For more information, visit the Columbia ISOS Global Assistance Program page.

Click here to view the 2017 Global Travel and ISOS Traveler Satisfaction Survey Results. 

Other Plans

Most travelers are also already eligible for one of the below plans, and can use their services at no added cost:


Columbia students covered by the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan through Aetna Student Health are automatically enrolled in OnCall. Go the OnCall International website to learn more about their services. Be sure to print your Aetna ID card before you travel.

Faculty and Staff

Columbia faculty and staff have a few different  options for Emergency Travel Assistance:

For Columbia Travel, all faculty and staff should use ISOS.  

For Personal Travel, most faculty and staff should use Cigna Secure Travel. If you are a J-1 Visa holder, however, you should use United Healthcare Global.

Note that for eligible staff, Cigna Secure Travel and United Healthcare Global is available to benefits-eligible employees who are covered under Columbia University’s Term Life Insurance through Cigna. If the employee's life insurance coverage is provided by their union, these benefits do not apply. Please visit the Human Resources page regarding Officers - Emergency Travel Assistance to learn more.


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