About Global Travel and the International Travel Planning Policy

About Global Travel

Global Travel is dedicated to supporting the health, safety, and security of University travelers engaged in Columbia Travel abroad. We can assist with pre-departure preparations, including overseeing the requirements of the university's International Travel Planning Policy* and working closely with the university's 24/7 emergency assistance provider, International SOS. 

In support of the mission and core values of Columbia University, we monitor worldwide news, travel alerts, and International SOS Global Risk Ratings to assemble and disseminate safety resources to those on official Columbia Travel. 

We provide support for Columbia travelers and various international travel issues, such as providing services in times of crisis or emergency. In urgent situations, this includes making recommendations for traveler evacuation from a specific location(s) or halting travel to a specific location for a period of time.

The International Travel Planning Policy (ITPP)*

This policy establishes a set of guidelines and requirements for planning international travel and covers international Columbia Travel, which includes Columbia-Led Travel and Columbia-Facilitated and/or Recognized Travel, as defined below. It does not cover Non-Columbia Travel.

Travelers should fulfill pre-departure travel requirements aligned with the highest-risk location included in their itinerary. "Location" could refer to country, city, or region. From time to time, the University may issue guidance, requirements, and restrictions regarding travel to specific designations in addition to what is specified here**.

*For a PDF version of the International Travel Planning Policy, please click here.

Pre-Departure Travel Requirements by Destination Travel Risk Rating (as defined by International SOS, or "ISOS")

*Officers of Administration, Support Staff, and Students proposing travel to High and/or Extreme ISOS Travel Risk or locations with an elevated evacuation status must submit an Elevated Travel Risk Approval Form

*Officers of Instruction, Officers of Research, Officers of the Libraries, Postdoctoral Fellows/Scholars traveling without students to locations locations with an elevated evacuation status must submit an Elevated Travel Risk Approval Form.

Global Travel will effectuate Dean review and approval for travel to ISOS High and/or Extreme Travel Risk locations. 

Undergraduate International Travel Policy

Undergraduate Students must comply with the Undergraduate International Travel Policy which includes a separate process of the ISOS itinerary review. Email [email protected] if you have any questions about the Undergraduate International Travel Policy. 

For any questions regarding Global Travel or the International Travel Planning Policy, please email us at [email protected]