ISOS TravelTracker (Administrators)

TravelTracker is available to travel administrators designated and authorized by International Risk Management.

ISOS TravelTracker is a tool for administrators throughout the University to monitor international travelers within their purview.

countryside in Iceland

To log into your existing TravelTracker (Administrator) Account:

Travelers, the TravelTracker system is not the same as MyTrips. To register your trip, please visit MyTrips.

To Become a Designated TravelTracker Administrator

To be designated as a TravelTracker administrative user, please ask the Senior Business Officer for your office to send a request to

Please note that there is a mobile version of this system, see instructions on how to install it on your mobile device.

Include the following in the request:

  • Name and Title for the new designated administrator

  • UNI (your UNI-based email address will be used as the login username)

  • The specific segment of travelers that this administrator will oversee, as defined through the following three categories:

Approved Guest (includes Alumni): These are guests of the University, who are not registered students or employed but are traveling on Columbia Travel and have been approved in advanced in writing by Risk Management.

  • Employee (Administration/Support Staff)
  • Faculty (Officer of Instruction)
  • Graduate or Professional Student
  • High School Student - Travelers with Summer Programs at the School of Professional Studies
  • Librarian (Officer of Libraries)
  • Researcher (Officer of Research or Postdoc)
  • Third Country National (TCN)/Locally-Employed Staff (LES)
  • Undergraduate Student

If you have any technical difficulties with TravelTracker:


  • (CC on any email communication with ISOS)
  • US: +1 646-259-0477
  • France: +33 157324976
  • UK: +44 20 35644536
  • Singapore: +65-68185590)

For other questions, please email us at