ISOS TravelTracker (Administrators)

TravelTracker is available to travel administrators designated and authorized by International Risk Management.

ISOS TravelTracker is a tool for administrators throughout the University to monitor international travelers within their purview.

countryside in Iceland

To log into your existing TravelTracker (Administrator) Account

Travelers, the TravelTracker system is not the same as MyTrips. To register your trip, please visit MyTrips.



To Become a Designated TravelTracker Administrator

To be designated as a TravelTracker administrative user, please ask the Senior Business Officer for your office to send a request to [email protected].

Include the following in the request:
  1. Name and Title for the new designated administrator
  2. UNI (your UNI-based email address will be used as the login username) 
  3. The specific segment of travelers that this administrator will oversee, as defined through the following three categories:
    • Traveler Type: 
      • Approved Guests (includes Alumni): These are guests of the University, who are NOT registered students or employees, but are traveling on Columbia Travel
      • Employee (Administration/Support Staff)
      • Faculty (Officer of Instruction)
      • Graduate or Professional Student
      • High School Student - Travelers with Summer Programs at the School of Professional Studies
      • Librarian (Officer of Libraries)
      • Researcher (Officer of Research or Postdoc)
      • Third Country National (TCN)/Locally-Employed Staff (LES)
      • Undergraduate Student
    • Columbia School Where Registered or Employed
    • Institute/Center/Office coordinating travel 



Registering a Trip on Behalf of a Traveler 

In addition to manually registering a traveler's trip, TravelTracker Administrators can forward itineraries on behalf of a traveler. When forwarding the itinerary on behalf of a traveler: 

  • The traveler will need to create an ISOS MyTrips profile in order for you to forward their itinerary, and ensure the contact information is correct. 
  • Enter the traveler's @columbia email address in the 'TO' line and enter the ISOS email address below in the CC line

Click here to view a short tutorial on forwarding an itinerary on behalf of a traveler for TravelTracker Administrators. 



If you have any technical difficulties with TravelTracker


Please note that there is a mobile version of this system, see instructions on how to install it on your mobile device.

For other questions, please email us at [email protected].