ISOS Itinerary Review Form

Non-Columbia Related Travel
Do not complete this form for strictly personal/leisure travel.  If you are completing this form for strictly personal/leisure travel due to concerns regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), please visit the COVID-19 Guidance for the Columbia Community and the International SOS (ISOS) page for COVID-19.

Undergraduate Students
Do not complete this form if you are an Undergraduate Student. Undergraduate Students must comply with the Undergraduate International Travel Policy which includes a separate process of the ISOS itinerary review. Email [email protected] with any questions.

Travel Requests
This form is not a travel request and is not sent on your behalf for Dean review and approval. Please confirm your next steps on Planning CU-Related International Travel. Additionally, ISOS does not issue Columbia travel approvals. 
Your School/Unit Where Registered or Employed